Uniforms are a massively important part of any business. How often have you walked into a shop, forecourt or restaurant and have not been sure who works there and who doesn’t? Uniforms make staff immediately identifiable. You will improve the recognition of your brand’s identity as the staff will act as a method of free advertising. Safety has become a buzz word in most industries. Uniforms reduce the risks related to safety concerns. A uniform, no matter how basic, can increase an employee’s visibility and hence they are better protected from potential workplace hazards. This will result in less downtime and increased efficiency. When employees wear uniforms, regardless of position or financial status, they feel a sense of unity and equality. Clothing is a key, social class, differentiator, which can create tension and jealousy, within the workplace. Removing this element can therefore contribute to healthier colleagues’ relationships and a better workplace environment. Studies have also shown that a uniform contributes directly to the productivity of employees. Employees who wear uniforms incorporating a brand name or logo’s are found to have a sense of pride and responsibility. They feel motivated and encouraged to work harder for the company as they consider themselves ambassadors of the company.