At TEAM CLOTHING we pride ourselves in what we do and the range of items we offer. Not only are we able to supply your complete uniform, including safety wear but our promo division offers an extensive range of branded promotional items.

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This is where it all begins. We have a full design and sampling division in-house and liaise with a network of manufacturers to whom we outsource work for specific applications to ensure the best quality garment is presented. Engaging with our clients, utilising their corporate identity and understanding their vision. We work with our clients to create the perfect look and feel around your Brand.


With over 22 years of experience and an in depth understanding of Capacity and Productivity. Effective Planning and Localisation of the manufacturing processes, our production team are responsible for getting your goods to you on time and with the best quality in mind.


We have capacity to warehouse at least 4 months stock holding for all our brands at one time. Warehousing forms a big part of our business, ensuring ample stock is always available .


Same day delivery – this is the benefit of offering you in-house Warehousing on site with the appropriate stock control. We have in-house logistic companies at our fingertips to give you the best possible service. An in-house distribution management team works closely with these logistics partners to ensure your business needs are delivered on both a local and international basis.