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WE ARE one of South Africa's leading uniform and promotional goods suppliers, garment manufacturers and distributors. Our efficient supply of excellent quality garments and goods at competitive prices means we bring value to our clients.

We’re a Black Economic Empowerment Company, owned by three partners: Gordon Johnstone, Eugene Havemann and Sybil Ditlhoriso Matlou.
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Why Uniforms?
Uniforms are a massively important part of any business. How often have you walked into a shop, forecourt or restaurant and have not been sure who works there and who doesn’t ? Uniforms make staff immediately identifiable. You will improve the recognition of your brand’s identity as the staff will act as a method of free advertising. Safety has become a buzz word in most industries. Uniforms reduce the risks related to safety concerns. A uniform, no matter how basic, can increase an employee’s visibility and hence they are better protected from potential workplace hazards. This will result in less downtime and increased efficiency. When employees wear uniforms, regardless of position or financial status, they feel a sense of unity and equality. Clothing is a key, social class, differentiator, which can create tension and jealousy, within the work place. Removing this element can therefore contribute to healthier colleagues relationships and a better workplace environment. Studies have also shown that a uniform contributes directly to the productivity of employees. Employees who wear uniforms incorporating a brand name or logo’s are found to have a sense of pride and responsibility. They feel motivated and encouraged to work harder for the company as they consider themselves ambassadors of the company.

is outsourced to our network of manufacturers so we guarantee the best quality.
As the business has evolved one of our strengths has become warehousing and distribution for our customers. We have significantly invested in systems for supply and
demand planning. This means
we always carry the correct amount of stock for our
contract customers.
Orders are dispatched
the same day - an
overnight delivery
service to main centres
in the country.
Our clothing
is designed, samples produced and manufacture co-ordinated from our factory in Durban.

Gifts are sourced from specialist wholesalers & manufacturers and branded either via laser, pad printing, flocking or engraving.

As part of our longer term strategy we plan to expand our manufacturing plant to include printing and embroidery.
100 000 Garments per month

At present our business can co-ordinate the manufacture of using CMT (Cut Make and Trim sub-contractors).
500 000 Garments per month production capacity

Printed and embroidered finished garments e.g. low cost t-shirts.

There is no ceiling on gifts that can be produced.
“I don’t like Team Clothing; I absolutely LOVE them. They’ve been our saviour time and again. They never say no to anything, even if we suddenly decide to add a thousand embroidered swing tags to a thousand shirts. They are actually spectacular - they are one of those companies you just can’t fault. They make it possible for us to deliver magnificence.”
“Team Clothing is a reliable supplier who provides excellent service to all our restaurants. Their honesty and service delivery standards are of the highest and we are accustomed to receiving outstanding service in terms of turn-around times between orders placed and delivery. The friendly and efficient attitude of all their staff members make it an absolute pleasure to have them listed as an approved supplier because they make business easy and make our people look very good!”
“You guys are one of the best suppliers I have dealt with. Helpful, efficient, organised and most of all your service is excellent!! Shelly is top quality - she is a real asset to your business. Keep up the good work, you guys deserve a medal for your service levels!”
“Well done and thanks to Team Clothing. Their products are superior quality and great value pricing. Our clients are happy with their products and they deliver on time.”
“Team Clothing are leaders in their industry. They are efficient, friendly and always willing to assist.”

Highest quality standards.

Quality guarantee – we’ll replace any defective item.

Financing and space to warehouse completed garments to provide a complete uniform and supply solution with same day dispatch capability.

Streamlined ordering process: Online ordering and/or dedicated staff to process orders efficiently.

Orders go directly to our packing department for packing and invoicing.

Our vertical manufacturing operation allows us to control the production process internally and ensure stock levels are maintained at all times.

An in house design studio providing innovative branding and clothing designs.

UNIFORM SOLUTIONS What is a uniform solution?
Team Clothing considers this to be a full offering. From visual concepts and design to sampling, financing, holding stock and distribution. In the simplest form we create a uniform ‘store’ for your brand, supplying the complete package.

Orders may be placed via several means and depending on the pre agreed conditions, can take as little as 24 hours, from receipt of your order to the delivery of your uniform.
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